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How To: Maintain Your Commercial Deep Fryer

Whether it’s used for a crispy fish of the day, a classic thick cut chip or crunchy chicken wings, taking proper care of your commercial fryer ensures operational longevity as well as maintained food quality.

To keep your commercial deep fryer in pristine condition, follow our simple tips below.

  1. Shake excess ice from frozen foods prior to placing them in the deep fryer. An excess of ice particles in the fryer will decrease the quality of the oil and may also cause oil spitting.
  2. Adjust your oil temperature when the fryer is not in use. Goodrop Premium Frying Oil has high oil stability, allowing it to last longer than comparable oils. However, to conserve your oil for even longer turn the heat down when it’s not in use. The oil should remain warm but does not need to be at operating temperature (180 degrees) when not in use.
  3. Use good quality oil. The quality of your oil can dramatically impact the lifespan of your commercial fryer. Goodrop Premium Frying Oil has been developed to minimise fryer build up. Lasting considerably longer than other oils, you can fry longer without compromising the quality of your food.
  4. Complete an intensive clean weekly. Commercial fryers should be flushed out and cleaned weekly. As well as filtering/changing your oil, an intensive clean is essential to prevent grease build up.

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