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A Longer Lasting Oil

Proudly Australian grown, Goodrop is harvested in the rich Riverina region in NSW. Goodrop’s naturally sourced oil seed is pressed and crafted to create a long-lasting oil, which we deliver fresh in convenient pack formats and air-tight trolleys.

Longer Lasting

Longer fry life – Better value.

Australian Made

Naturally 100% Australian sources & locally crafted.

Smart Format

Easy to use food-grade stainless steel portable trolley.

Paddock to Plate

Grown in the agricultural hub of the Riverina, Australia.

Tailored Service

Custom solutions to suit your needs.

You could save

over 1 month

*based on a spend of $150 per week

Longer Fry Life

Our Goodrop Frying Oil is crafted for exceptional endurance, outlasting the market.

Lasting considerably longer, it creates lighter, tastier foods, over more time for less.

Longer fry life means longer term value.

FRY LIFE HOURS* 54 hours + 44 hours

*based on a TPM comparison

100% Australian Made

Supporting Australian farming and agriculture is essential at Goodrop. We’re proudly 100% Australian grown and make a conscious effort to support our local farmers. Naturally sourced in the rich fields of the Riverina Region, Wagga Wagga our canola seed is pressed and crafted for enduring quality. When you use Goodrop Oils in your Foodservice Kitchen, not only do you achieve lighter, tastier foods, you’re supporting Australian farmers.

Smart Format Trolley

Easy to use food-grade stainless steel portable trolley.

Made from food grade stainless steel, our Goodrop Smart Trolley is the first air tight sealed oil solution. This maintains the freshness and integrity of the oil. Fresh oil is replaced in a new trolley every delivery – no oil top ups.

Easy to use, Goodrop Smart Trolley is fitted with a hose to easily pump the oil into your fryer, with no mess and no heavy lifting.

Air Tight Sealed Oil

To maintain oil freshness & integrity.

Easy To Use

No mess, just pump into fryer.

No Oil Top Ups

Fresh oil replaced in new trolley every delivery.

Ergonomic System

No lifting heavy tins or packs.


No packaging.

Paddock to Plate

Goodrop Oils makes the journey from our paddock to plate seamless. Our non GMO oil is sourced from our rich fields, crushed in our state of the art fully integrated plant, packaged in convenient formats and air tight trolleys and delivered to your Foodservice Kitchen.

Goodrop is for restauranteurs, chefs and cooks who operate busy kitchens and seek superior culinary experiences, smart value and better food.


Tailored Service

You’re in good hands. Our team stand by your side to tailor service solutions to your needs. We also provide ongoing quality monitoring, service and technical support.

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