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Our Tailored Service

Partnering with Auscol, Ace Filtration International & VITO, Goodrop are able to facilitate all of your waste oil needs.

Our Smart Trolley System

The Goodrop Smart Trolley is the first air tight sealed oil solution. It’s been built to maintain freshness and integrity of the oil.

Fresh oil is replaced in a new trolley every delivery – no oil top ups – and, it’s food grade stainless steel structure enables it to be used in the kitchen as a bench.


Goodrop partners with Ace Filtration International & VITO to ensure your oil filtration needs are proficiently attend to.

Ace Filtration International are specialists in commercial and industrial filtration products.

Pour & Vac Tank

Through partnership with Auscol, Goodrop is able to facilitate our customers in finding the most suitable Pour & Vac Tanks for their foodservice kitchen.

Auscol maintains a range of innovative and industry leading Eco Vacuum Tanks, to assist businesses and enhance the way Used Cooking Oil is stored and managed.

Waste Removal

Partnering with Auscol, Australia’s leading used cooking oil up-cyclers and service providers, Goodrop Oil is able to assist you in arranging sustainable waste oil services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the product prior to purchasing?

Yes, click here for your free trial.

How does Goodrop last longer?

Naturally sourced antioxidants have been added to our frying oil. Our innovation team have tried and tested the fry life of Goodrop Premium Frying oil, resulting in up to 20% more usage than comparable oils.

Where do you currently supply to?

We currently supply to the East Coast of Australia. Predominantly Melbourne Metro, Sydney Metro, Riverina Region and Brisbane Metro. However, we are able to service greater areas. To find out if we can service your area contact us.

How do I use my trolley?

Video demonstrations of the Goodrop Smart Trolley are available for existing customers via the Customer Portal. If you require log in information, please contact Customer Service.

Is the oil vegan friendly?

Yes, our oil is vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten free, lactose and glucose free, as well as non genetically modified.

My filter machine or vac tank are not working, what should I do?

Firstly please check if there is anything blocking the channel, foodcrumbs are the most common one. Please make sure that the power is on and that you are following each of the steps when setting up the equipment.

If it is still not working, please call our customer service team on 1800 950 596 for any filter machines queries and call our partner Auscol (1800 629 476) for any tanks &/or waste collection queries.

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