Goodrop Premium Frying Oil

Versatility meets Outstanding Performance

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil combines versatility with outstanding performance. With a 54-hour fry life, it will create lighter, tastier foods in your kitchen, over more time for less.

Longer Fry Life

54-hour Fry Life – better value.

Australian Made

100% Australian grown.

Tailored Service

Custom Solutions to suit your needs

Smart Format

Easy to use food-grade stainless steel portable trolley.

Smart Format Trolley

Easy to use food-grade stainless steel portable trolley.

Made from food grade stainless steel, our Goodrop Smart Trolley is the first fully vacuum sealed oil solution. Vacuum sealing the oil maintains the freshness and integrity of the oil. Fresh oil replaced in a new trolley every delivery – no oil top ups.

Easy to use, Goodrop Smart Trolley is fitted with a hose to easily pump the oil into your fryer, with no mess and no heavy lifting.

Longer Lasting

Lasting considerably longer, it creates lighter, tastier foods, over more time for less. Goodrop Premium Frying Oil has been specially developed to have a fry life of at least 54 hours, less oil absorption, and a high heat transfer.

Naturally Australian

100% of canola seeds are grown by Australia farmers in the Riverina, NSW. Freshly harvested seeds are crushed, processed & packed in under 72 hours.

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil has a 4.5 health star rating.

  • Very low saturated fat
  • High omega 3 & 6
  • 60% lower trans fatty acid than industry average
  • Retention of natural antioxidant & phytosterol. 


Our Goodrop Premium Frying is not only ideal for frying but it’s neutral flavour makes it ideal for shallow frying, emulsion for sauces and mayonnaise and a base for salad dressing bases. It can be used for savoury and sweet dishes.


Non-GMO Certified
HACCP Approved
Halal & Kosher Approved
SQF Quality Code
Manufacturing Site certified under SQF Food Safety Life

Waste Removal

Partnering with Auscol, Australia’s leading used cooking oil up-cyclers and service providers, Goodrop Oils can assist you in arranging sustainable waste oil services.

Packaged how it suits you

Smart Trolley

80L & 150L

Jug in Box


Bag in Box


What Our Customers Have To Say

It is an extremely high performance, neutrally flavoured oil, and can be used for just about anything … and it’s grown right here in the Riverina

Adam Liaw
Winner Australian Master Chef 2010, UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Nutrition

Once we did our trials, we noticed it [oil] lasts a lot longer and [the food] tastes a lot crispier. Obviously the quality that we give our members is the driving factor. The savings on top of that are just an added bonus.

Darren Foots, Executive Chef
Revesby Workers’ Club, Revesby NSW

The product is clean, efficient, reduced in fats. Knowing that it is Australian products, I was so proud to bring that in.  With Goodrop, I know I am going to have a quality product to sell, because I have got a quality oil.

Brad Bennett, CEO
Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute, Sydney NSW

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil performs very well – about 20 to 30 per cent better than what we were using before – and the quality is a lot better.

Rob Power, Head Chef
Romano’s Hotel, Wagga Wagga NSW

We’re getting better colour; cleaner taste and the oil is about 20 per cent longer lasting. We’re absolutely rapt about the fact that it’s a local Aussie product from the Riverina, and so are our customers

Con Zagooudis
Southland Seafood, Cheltenham

Goodrop Oil has a level of quality that can’t be found with any other brand. The longevity and crispiness is far better than I have ever seen in all my years as a Head Chef.

Ankit, Head Chef
Indu Dining, Melbourne VIC

Goodrop lasts a lot longer and it’s a lot cleaner than other oils we’ve used.

Riccardo, Head Chef
Portobello Ristorante, Melbourne VIC

More Than Just A Goodrop

We’re more than just an oil supplier. Providing a tailored solution to meet your needs.

  • Smart Trolley System
  • Direct Delivery
  • Waste Oil Managment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the oil stored in a bag in the trolley?

Our Goodrop Oil is crushed, processed and packed in our vacuum sealed bag to maintain freshness.

Why does Goodrop last longer?

Specialised processing techniques during crushing and processing as we as the addition of naturally sourced antioxidants help protect the oil during frying.

Where do you currently supply to?

We currently supply Goodrop Oil products in both packaged and smart trolley format to foodservice kitchens, manufacturers and institutions across Australia.

Can I try the product prior to purchasing?

Yes, you can. Fill out the following for your FREE trial

Where can I find information on how to use my trolley?

If you’re a current customer please log in to our customer section on the website <Link to Trolley How To in Customer Section> If you’re interested to see how the trolley works, please contact us to organise a FREE trial

Whats the difference between Goodrop Premium Frying Oil & Goodrop Elite Frying Oil?

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil andGoodrpo Elite Frying Oil are our specially designed longer lasting frying oils. Goodrop Elite Frying Oil lasts approximatley 2 days longer than our Goodrop Premium Frying Oil.

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil has a fry life of at least 54 hours vs. Goodrop Elite Premium Frying Oil which has a fry life of at least 74 hours.

I am using jug in a box at the moment, can I shift to trolley?

Yes, of course, please contact either your business development manager our customer service team at 1800 950 596.

Is the oil vegan friendly?

Yes, our oil is vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten free, lactose and glucose free, as well as non genetically modified.

My filter machine or vac tank are not working, what should I do?

Firstly please check if there is anything blocking the channel, foodcrumbs are the most common one. Please make sure that the power is on and that you are following each of the steps when setting up the equipment.

If it is still not working, please call our customer service team on 1800 950 596 for any filter machines queries and call our partner Auscol (1800 629 476) for any tanks &/or waste collection queries.

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