Triple Fried Chicken Karaage with Adam Liaw using Goodrop

Chicken Karaage is a wonderful Japanese dish – packed full of flavour with a light, crispy coating and succulent inside. ‘Kara-age’ in Japanese, translates to ‘naked fry’ or ’empty fry’, which relates to the nature of the coating. Unlike other batters, which can be quite ‘heavy’, karaage coating is light.

Using Goodrop Premium Frying Oil, Adam Liaw creates his loved Triple Fried Karaage. Why triple fried? Adam says the reason behind the multiple fry blasts is to ‘produce a crispy outer coating, while the inside cooks gently from residual heat for tender and succulent meat’.

Click the video below to watch Adam cook Triple Fried Karaage using Goodrop Oils.

Making the dish? Here’s a few of Adam’s tips

  • Allowing the chicken to stand for 5 minutes before frying allows the flour to absorb the flavour of the marinade, and then dry slightly. This little resting time is the secret for producing crispy and flavourful karaage.
  • Having fillets with the skin on is very important for this dish. Chicken with the skin on keeps the karaage crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Skin-on fillets can be hard to find at times, so if you’re having trouble you can debone a few chicken thigh cutlets or use wings instead.
  • Place a rack above half of your frying pot. It will help reduce mess when transferring the chicken in and out of the oil, and the radiated heat from the oil will continue to warm and cook the chicken. If you don’t have a rack placed above the oil, you may want to extend your cooking time by just 30 seconds or so to ensure the chicken is cooked through.
  • You may notice that the chicken starts to spit and sizzle more on the third fry, this is because the chicken is cooked and is now contracting and squeezing out the juices from the meat (the watery juices contacting with the oil is what is causing it to spit). If this is happening, the chicken is done and you can remove it from the oil immediately.

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