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Q&A with John McFadden, Former Executive Chef & Goodrop Ambassador

When did your passion for cooking begin? 👨‍🍳
From a very young age. I knew from about 10 years old that I wanted to cook.

What was your first kitchen experience like? ⏲
At the age of 12 I worked for free for a French restaurant. The vibe whilst being there was incredible and I love the dynamic of service.

What is your go-to dish to entertain? 🦐
Anything that can be shared!

What’s a skill you believe all Chefs should have up their sleeve? 🔪
Know the basics, without them it’s harder to upskill and do it well.

How do you think the pandemic positively impacted the industry? 🦠
It was a great time to polish those skills which needed refining or to learn new ones. Access to digital platforms went gang busters, making it more easier than ever to learn new skills digitally. This increase in the use of digital resources has certainly delivered plenty of efficiencies back into businesses post-pandemic.

How important would you say quality products are when you’re curating dishes? ✨
Quality of product or produce is a no brainer if you want a cracking dish!
Take a look at Goodrop Oils performance, longer lasting, less oil absorption providing a better end product and delivers efficiencies in labour. Win Win

What would be your advise to Chefs who are looking for better quality products but reluctant to change from they’re currently using? 🧑‍🍳
Its funny how people consider price first but not value. What can a better product deliver? Quality, performance, time and operating efficiencies and return customers. Goodrop Oils offer a free trial and there is no better way than to do a side by side test to see the benefits a quality product can deliver.

More of John’s signature recipes, masterclasses and expert advice will be available through this section of the Goodrop website. Stay tuned!

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