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Fry in your kitchen for up to 20% longer with our frying oil.

Longer Fry Life

  • Fry for up to 20% longer without compromising food quality
  • Reduced labour costs from changing oil regularly
  • High oil stability
  • Outlasts other market products

High & Quick Heat Transfer

  • Low oil absorption
  • Crispier & less oily mouth feel
  • Neutral flavour

100% Australian Grown

  • Grown in the agricultural hub of the Riverina
  • Full paddock to plate confidence
  • Supporting local Australian farmers

Custom Services to Suit Your Kitchen

  • Different Pack & Trolley Formats
  • Waste Solution – Partner with one of our waste providers
  • Filtration Solution – Partnered with one of our filtration providers

Smart Trolley Format

  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Easy to Use – No mess, pump directly into your fryer
  • No Oil Top Ups – Fresh oil is replaced with a new trolley at each delivery

16th Feb

Easy Pour Jug in Box packaged format.

Jug in Box (JIB)

Easy Pour Jug in Box packaged format.

16th Feb

Flow on & off tab for easy discharge.

Bag in Box (BIB)

Flow on & off tab for easy discharge.

16th Feb

Easy to use food grade stainless steel smart trolley

Smart Trolley System

Easy to use food grade stainless steel smart trolley

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What Our Customers Have To Say

The product is clean, efficient, reduced in fats. Knowing that it is Australian products, I was so proud to bring that in.  With Goodrop, I know I am going to have a quality product to sell, because I have got a quality oil.

Brad Bennett, CEO
Le Culinaire Hospitality Institute, Sydney NSW

Goodrop Premium Frying Oil performs very well – about 20 to 30 per cent better than what we were using before – and the quality is a lot better.

Rob Power, Head Chef
Romano’s Hotel, Wagga Wagga NSW

We’re getting better colour; cleaner taste and the oil is about 20 per cent longer lasting. We’re absolutely rapt about the fact that it’s a local Aussie product from the Riverina, and so are our customers

Con Zagooudis
Southland Seafood, Cheltenham

Goodrop Oil has a level of quality that can’t be found with any other brand. The longevity and crispiness is far better than I have ever seen in all my years as a Head Chef.

Ankit, Head Chef
Indu Dining, Melbourne VIC

Goodrop lasts a lot longer and it’s a lot cleaner than other oils we’ve used.

Riccardo, Head Chef
Portobello Ristorante, Melbourne VIC

Once we did our trials, we noticed it [oil] lasts a lot longer and [the food] tastes a lot crispier. Obviously the quality that we give our members is the driving factor. The savings on top of that are just an added bonus.

Darren Foots, Executive Chef
Revesby Workers’ Club, Revesby NSW